Dr Sophia works with people, in person and virtually, all over the world, who are of all ages and stages of life and growth, who want to create genuine happiness in themselves, their relationships, and all of life and who are ready and willing to do it from the inside out.

What is therapeutic coaching?


Therapeutic coaching is the best of both worlds. It combines both coaching and therapeutic tools and strategies to support you in healing and integrating your past while moving into your best and happiest future.

Common themes that we work on in coaching:

  • Taming negative, unhealthy thoughts and feelings
  • Navigating difficult relationships— romantic, platonic, and/or professional
  • Managing self-doubt, self-criticism and negative self-talk to develop more self-confidence
  • Avoiding getting stuck in the same patterns, thoughts, and experiences of the past
  • Managing your emotional triggers and responses
  • Gaining clarity in making important decisions that serve your inner happiness and growth
  • Bringing yourself back more easily from low days, stressed, and life’s unexpected turns
  • Dealing with worrying and feelings of anxiety
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection and fear of failure
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Moving on from feeling stuck in life or feeling lost about what to do next
  • Being around other people and their emotions and demands
  • Being comfortable with setting boundaries
  • Stopping self-sabotage and the tendency to get in your own way
  • Building your capacity for self-love and self-compassion

How does it work?


My coaching is holistic. It’s heart-centered. It’s mindfulness-based. It’s deep. It’s down to earth. And it’s all about you.


We meet via telephone, Zoom (or another online platform), or face-to-face typically for 55-minute sessions. Utilizing a variety of coaching and educational methods, reflective, compassionate, and deep listening, therapeutically-inspired modalities, strategic and powerful questions, tools to navigate perceptions and change behaviors, development of positive self-perception, effective self-care, self-awareness writing prompts, mind-body practices, clarification of values, goals, and overall vision for your life, and many other methods and strategies personalized to you, we work together to nurture and foster your personal, relational, and/or spiritual development. The frequency and length of commitment is dependent on a number of factors which we discuss during our first call.


(in person, via telephone, or Zoom)

The most popular option for consistent progress, healing, growth, and support, this 12-week therapeutic coaching option includes weekly sessions, email support, and a transformative experience with Dr Sophia tailored to your desires and needs and intended to build your capacity to heal and create true joy in your relationships and life. We’ll do it together until you can do it yourself.


Other Ways We Can Work Together


A single one-on-one session is recommended for anyone who is ready to open up to new perspectives and possibilities of living a truly happy life and would like a "taste" before applying for the signature 12-week program. This option is also recommended if you would like to gift a single session to someone special in your life.


The group coaching experience, offered a few times each year, is a 16-week journey to genuine happiness among like-minded, like-hearted individuals in a judgment-free environment. In addition to learning and healing, group coaching features the motivational and loving support of a group and the personalized, expert guidance of Dr Sophia every step of the way.


Customized to casual or professional environments, this informative, interactive, upbeat experience covers lessons learned from the cutting-edge science of happiness that are tailored to your group. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and small group work, participants learn practical, effective tools and strategies that motivate, inspire, and empower them to make changes that result in a healthier, happier life.


If you know you want to work with Dr Sophia but you aren’t sure which option is the right fit for you right now, click the button below, send us a message, and we'll respond within 24-48 hours with recommended next steps.


When I came to Sophia, I was having a lot of cycles of emotion that I couldn’t understand, that felt uncontrollable, and that were impacting my happiness and ability to be present in my relationship. Sophia helped me identify feelings, give space to them, learn my negative thought loops, learn what my needs and boundaries were, and communicate them with more ease and acceptance. With each passing session, I went from feeling a lot of repressed anger, pain, and confusion to being able to stop my painful cycling thought loops. I look forward to some deeper work and tuneups with Sophia, and have referred her to numerous friends!

— Jana Cruder, California, US


Before I started working with Sophia, I was in a bad place mentally, had several health issues, and knew that I wanted things to change. However, I lacked the support, accountability, and guidance that I needed to make the change and healing happen. In Sophia, I had a kind, resourceful, and exceptional listener and coach that, from personal experience, I can say is so rare. Sophia gave me unconditional support and deep understanding, no matter what the goals or personal issues that I wanted to work on. Through Sophia’s guidance, I also learned to embrace all my emotional experiences and welcome all parts of me, a transformative and invaluable skill that I still use as I continue to work on my personal growth and healing. I feel incredibly grateful to have found Sophia and would highly recommend anyone giving her coaching a try!

— Noon M., Bangkok, Thailand


At the beginning of my session with Dr Sophia, I felt a bit nervous because I had never done this type of therapy before. I also felt hope that, with Sophia's expertise, I might experience some healing over time. Our time together more than met my expectations and proved to be more productive than I could’ve imagined! From just my first session, I was able to see from first-hand experience the potential for real healing and happiness that exists from this kind of work, and I began to experience some actual comfort with regards to some of my long-time hurts.

Dr. Sophia herself overflows with compassion and kindness, she puts you at ease, and she demonstrates authentic care and concern with a complete absence of any judgment. I’d say that a one-on-one session with Dr. Sophia is a worthy investment for anyone who is serious about finding true healing and happiness!

— Rich M., Arkansas, US