My passion and purpose is helping people to develop the skills and qualities they need to cultivate happiness.‚Äč

And not just any kind of happiness...

That genuine, juicy, authentic kind of happiness.

Sophia Godkin, PhD is a Health Psychologist, Happyologist, and Happiness, Relationship & Transformational Coach recognized for helping people all around the world learn to love themselves, create pleasure-filled relationships, and become happy from the inside out without having to force or fake it.

As a renowned coach, university professor, and head of learning at international wellness companies, Dr Sophia has taught people of all ages and backgrounds the principles and practices of happiness and healing for many years. Whether in the form of individual coaching, writing, or group education, Dr Sophia is known for the depth, light-heartedness, and transformative potential of her work.

When not busy inspiring and helping people to create a more intentional, happier life, Dr Sophia loves walking or biking along the river, camping and hiking in the local mountains and hills, Salsa and Bachata dancing, practicing yoga, paddling in Idaho’s beautiful ponds and lakes, nourishing her emotional and intellectual self through reading, music and reflective practices, and enjoying each moment of being alive in the company of the amazing people she calls friends.