Happiness isn't something that you have to chase.

You simply have to choose it.


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I’m Sophia Godkin, PhD– Psychologist, Happiness & Relationship Coach, author, and educator.

As far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the universal pursuit, yet very personal art, of happiness... and for the last 13 years, I've been teaching and coaching the art to others. The reason I started down this road of becoming a happiness expert was because of the natural optimism, fervor for life, and knack for smiling I was born with. The reason I stayed was because I didn’t just want the illusion of happiness; I wanted the real thing.

Over many years, life provided me with the experiences, tools, and teachers I needed to discover and embrace a path to joy that comes from within– a journey that I am still on today and feel incredibly grateful to teach and share with others.

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The Negative Thinking and Feeling Cure

Tame Your Negative Thoughts and Feelings with Proven Techniques to Help You Live a Happier, More Peaceful Life

Imagine a life where you're no longer held back by negative thoughts, emotions, relationships, and unhealed wounds.

What if you could overcome these obstacles that keep you from true happiness?


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What if you could overcome the obstacles that keep you from being truly happy? Find out how with my free guides.

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