Why It Helps to Get to The Root of Your Emotions

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Often, we carry deep-seated emotional issues that are much like hidden roots beneath the surface. Just as a painful toothache can be traced back to the hidden trouble in the root of a tooth, our emotional challenges may have their roots buried in our past experiences. We tend to address these issues at the surface, trying to quiet our thoughts through practices like meditation or yoga. However, the real transformation happens when we choose to get to the root of these feelings and heal them from within.


We can work to manage our thoughts and feelings that arise moment to moment and day to day … or we can get to the root of those thoughts and feelings by healing our emotional wounds at the root.


Step 1: Identifying the Core Experience


To address these deep-rooted emotions, we need to start by identifying and acknowledging the core experiences and feelings related to our present-day struggles. Just as a dentist delves into the root canal to address a toothache and save or repair a badly damaged or infected tooth, we need to explore our hurtful or “infected” memories from our past. What events in your life contributed to these feelings you’re having today? Recognize that your current situation might be triggering these emotions, but it's unlikely to be the first time you've felt this way. Take the time to understand and offer validation and care to the younger version of yourself who first experienced these emotions. Reinterpret and re-envision these past experiences, much like how the endodontist works to save a badly damaged tooth by removing the infected pulp and nerve from its root.


Step 2: Cleaning and Shaping Your Inner World


Once you've identified the emotional root causes, it's time to cleanse and reshape your inner world. This usually means releasing the beliefs that you acquired as a result of these traumatic or "infectious" experiences, similar to how an endodontist cleans, clears, and shapes the inside of a root canal after removing the infected tissue. This process is about letting go of what no longer serves you (e.g., the belief that you are not good enough) and making space for healthier beliefs and attitudes that do.

Step 3: Embracing New Beliefs and Perspectives


Now, you can welcome in new beliefs and ways of perceiving yourself (e.g., “I am and have always been good enough”) and the world to replace the old ones you've discarded. Just as an endodontist fills and seals the cleaned root canal, you are filling the void with empowering beliefs and perspectives. This step involves actively choosing to adopt positive and constructive beliefs about yourself and your place in the world.



Step 4: Protecting and Restoring


Finally, after the inner transformation, just like a dentist would place a crown on the tooth to protect and restore it after a root canal, it's essential that you create safeguards for your newfound emotional strength. This means creating protective boundaries and practices to ensure your emotional well-being. Like a dentist placing a crown on the tooth to shield and restore it, you can fortify yourself with self-care routines, self-love practices, positive relationships, and mindfulness habits.


Now, I won't sugarcoat it. Root canals can be a bit painful and scary. Similarly, delving into our emotional roots can be challenging. But, most people who undergo a root canal come out feeling relieved and healthier than before with a saved tooth at that. In the same way, when you courageously address the root causes of your emotions and nurture your inner world, it’ll lead to healing and a much happier, more fulfilling life. So, why not dive in and give it a try?


Now, while we're talking about diving into healing, I'd like to invite you to explore even more ways to heal and become "happy from the inside out." Join my group program, "Happy from the Inside Out: How to Become the Partner, Parent, and Person You Want and Mean to Be." This program takes you on a journey to deeper emotional healing and helps you become the partner or parent you've always wanted to be. Check it out here or come work with me one-on-one ♡


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