The One Question to Ask for a Happy Life

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If you want a happy life, there is one question I suggest you ask yourself before you're about to take some sort of action or make a decision:


Who is in charge right now?


Whether you're deciding what to say to someone, choosing whether or not to start or stay in a relationship, deciding on a certain job or career path, or making one of many other small and big decisions you need to make throughout your life, your decisions create the very fabric of what happens in your life, and therefore your happiness (or lack of it).


Here are the possible answers you'll get when you ask yourself WHO IS IN CHARGE RIGHT NOW?:


  • My heart
  • My soul
  • My higher Self
  • My true self
  • My wise self
  • My inner nature
  • My ego
  • The part of me that feels relaxed
  • The part of me that's hurting
  • The part of me that's afraid
  • The part of me that's mad
  • The part of me that's vengeful
  • The part of me that feels threatened
  • The part of me that wants to make the pain go away


Now, if when you ask "Who's in charge?" you hear one of the bottom answers, you know that the outcome won't be a good one because it's your wounds that are running the show of your life. If instead you hear one of the top answers in this list, you can bank on things working out for you.


When we take actions and make decisions in life, to the best of our ability, we want to make sure that they're coming from our heart and Soul- and not from the wounded and protective parts of us (you can read more on those parts of us and how they relate to our childhood trauma in this blog post). These parts of us aren't bad and our ego isn't bad- we want to hear and understand these parts' intentions but not let our actions be led by them.





It's simple... Happiness happens when we let our actions and intentions come from our heart and soul.


If you're not convinced, let the angry, hurt, threatened, and protective parts of you be in charge and look at what happens... or simply reflect on a time when that was the case and consider how things turned out. Not great, I bet.


If this resonates with you and a Soul-led life is what you're after, consider grabbing my book, The Soul Journal, for more exercises to build awareness around acting from your heart and soul.



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