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I stood there, trembling, the echo of my boyfriend’s disapproval still ringing in my ears. I was flabbergasted. No one had ever pointed out to me before that this behavior was not acceptable … and I hadn’t recognized it myself. As I stood there, a mixture of upset and apology on my lips, all I could say was “I’m sorry, my parents raise their voices at each other and that’s why I did it too.”



We were leaving a store together and, in a fleeting moment, I’d raised my voice at him. He wasn’t okay with my behavior and he’d let me know it. That marked the first time I came face to face with the reality that sometimes I acted in ways that weren’t okay. Even though I was replicating what I had known from my upbringing, it didn't justify hurting someone I cared about. I’d hurt him in that moment and it’s a moment that’s etched vividly in my memory until this day. The echoes in my mind were deafening – "What did you do? You hurt someone you love!"


In the aftermath of that stormy episode, self-doubt and disappointment engulfed me. Here I considered myself a loving person, but my actions spoke otherwise, and I felt puzzled. Little did I know that this moment would become a catalyst for a profound transformation. It was a turning point where I began to explore the depths of my inner world and where I grappled with the unseen forces that influenced my actions and that sometimes led me to hurt the people I loved most.


This journey led me to discover a transformative method, a framework that not only brought to light the shadows within but also provided really practical solutions to bridge the gap between my intentions and actions. It was more than self-discovery; it became a roadmap to becoming the loving partner and parent I aspired to be.



Now, fifteen years later, I share this proven method with others who, like me, have grappled with the challenges of striving to be the parents or partners they dream of being. It's not about adhering to rigid rules but understanding the complexities of our inner world and learning to navigate it with compassion.


That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join me in my new free masterclass, "How to Be the Loving Partner or Parent You Want to Be."  In this session, I'll weave personal stories with insights and practical strategies that together can help you heal, grow, and transform your relationships from the inside out. Register now, and let's create a space for warmth, understanding, and positive change, together.


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